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prepare for college at high school
Complete or upgrade your high school education at Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers

Earn Your High School Diploma and Prepare for College or a Career!

Sometimes being without your high school diploma or GED feels like you’ve pulled the card that says “Do not pass GO – Do not collect 200 dollars”. But you can have more control over your future than that. Becoming a High School Graduate and diploma holder can open many new opportunities.

Funding Your Education

When you have qualified as a high-school graduate, you can apply for federal financial aid such as Pell grants and federal Title IV financial aid. Not only can Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers help you get the courses you need to graduate, we can then assist you in training and career exploration. Lastly, we can answer the questions you may have regarding Financial Aid to those who qualify.

Train For A New Career

Once you have received your qualifications, you can continue with us and choose from an excellent variety of certificate and associate degree programs. We are constantly monitoring the job market for the latest employment trends, so you can be sure that your training is both up-to-date and in demand.

Improve Your Job Potential

You may decide to take some post-secondary training, or go straight into the job market after receiving your high school credentials. Either way, showing that you have completed your studies – even after a break – is a great signal to employers that you can finish what you have started.

Are you ready to move ahead with your education and your career? Talk to one of our Admissions Consultants today and see if completing high school at Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers is right for you.